2021 ALLULOSE BUYING GUIDE, 9 FAQs about Allulose

·What are allulose’s disadvantages? Allulose is less sweet than sugar so you need to add more. Allulose is over 10x the cost of table sugar. Excess consumption of allulose may cause diarrhea or other adverse gastrointestinal effects. Read more about it on the Low-Digestible Sweeteners page. ·How sweet is allulose? Allulose is 70% as sweet […]

Technology breaks the bottleneck and the potential and value of natural sweeteners such as allulose, stevia and rosemary begins to burst forth

Today, the importance of sweeteners for product development cannot be overstated, but issues such as raw material supply and flavor have always constrained the development of sweeteners. Researchers have been working to break the bottleneck of sweetener development so that they can show more potential and value. Today, this Foodaily article takes a look at […]