What is stevia.

– Stevia is the most mainstream natural sugar substitute available

– South Americans have been using stevia for centuries

– Stevia is 200-300 times sweeter than sugar

– The stevia plant is part of the sunflower family

Stevia acts as a sweetening system.

– Stevia has begun to replace artificial sweeteners in many consumer products, with the most recent brand to join the ranks being Coke.

– Stevia works well in combination with sweeteners such as rooibos, allulose and erythritol.

– One variety of stevia, rebaudina, has no aftertaste. Nowadays, most stevia products come from this type of plant.

Stevia and the body

– Stevia has little to no effect on blood sugar levels

– Stevia sweeteners contain no calories

– Stevia is not associated with weight gain

– Stevia is the best choice for diabetics

– Stevia is safe for children and even pregnant women

The “Added Sugar” Red Letter

– Consumers demand low-sugar, clean-label options

– According to IFIC’s health survey, 48 percent of consumers say they are eliminating certain foods and beverages from their diets because of sugar.

– Baby boomers are feeling the effects of poor lifestyle choices and changing their lifestyles

– Half of the women surveyed said they are reducing their sugar intake

– Brands have recently begun reformulating with stevia and rooibos products, but there are other healthy options that many consumers are unaware of Consumers are becoming more health-conscious, but they still often have misconceptions about sweeteners.

The Clean Label Movement in the U.S.

– Clean labels have tremendous customer appeal and will not go unnoticed by diabetics, low-glycemic dieters and anyone with a healthy lifestyle.

– Cities like Boulder, San Francisco and Albany are the latest major U.S. cities to implement sugar taxes on soft drinks. This is also a global issue; many countries are making similar changes in their sugar consumption.

– Children are our future and parents are no longer willing to buy sugary products for their little ones

– Weight gain and diabetes are some of the biggest issues facing the sugar industry

– 75% of consumers surveyed said that sugar content influenced their purchases

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